Foreign Operators

Operating and licence conditions for foreign Radio Amateurs visiting Türkiye.

As Republic of Türkiye is a member of CEPT ,all CEPT licence holders can operate an amateur radio station in accordance with CEPT recommendation TR61-01 for a maximum period of 3 months using their home call signs with TA prefix and call area number. For the call areas and TRAC branshes, please refer to the map.

The official letter from the Undersecreteriat of Customs and Telecommunications Authority shows that any CEPT licencee can bring in own equipment temporarily without paying any custom’s dues. Please print a copy of these and carry them with together with your license while passing through the customs.

For operating more than 3 months an application has to be made to the Directorate General of Coastal Safety together with 2 passport size pictures, a copy of your CEPT licence, and a copy of your passport’s relevant pages for ID. You will recieve a TA callsign with the call area number of your destination and suffix starting with Z for one year . For example, TA1ZA is a CEPT Class 1 licencee who is going to operate from the European part of TURKİYE.

Please note that non-CEPT-Countries are subject to a reciprocity agreement. You can obtain information on that matter at the telecommunication/licensing authority of your own country.

For further information or application please contact :


  • Kıyı Emniyeti Genel Mudurlugu
  • Telsiz Isletme Mudurlugu
  • Beşyol Mah. İnönü Cad. No:3/1
  • 34149 Küçükçekmece / Sefaköy / Istanbul / TURKIYE
  • Tel:+90-212-580-9898
  • Fax: +90-212-425-9733


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